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It is with absolute pride, excitement & a little nervousness that I announce my very own wellness company, amWell! 
Being as passionate about health & wellness as I am, I have truly found my calling here in sharing that with the community. Everything in life comes back to the 3 life force elements: 

I've experienced this time and time again in my life and learned that there is a gentle and very necessary balance to all three in order to live my best life. 

I am thrilled to be able to share what I have lived & learned with you
& help you to start living your very best life.
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Mindset Map & Goal Setting Workshop

(1-1 or group rates available)

Reiki Healing Therapy
(private in home)
Reiki therapy is the process of healing using the power of energy. It is very much different from conventional healing therapies. Because in a Reiki therapy, there are no medicines or tools needed to heal diseases. All a practitioner has to do is to direct energy towards the body through the hands and the power of meditation.


Nutritional Counseling & Education Workshops

(1-1 or group rates available) 

One on One Nutritional Coaching

  • Meal Planning / Family Menu
  • Kitchen Makeover
  • Grocery Shopping Companion
  • Whole30 Breakdown


Group Fitness Classes
  • BabyWeights 
  • Bootcamp
One on One Fitness Coaching
  • Exercise Routine for Gym Goers
  • At Home Workouts
  • In Home Training

Beachbody on Demand Star Diamond Coach

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