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 You may have found yourself here by chance, perhaps we are reconnecting, or maybe we're just getting to know one another! Either way, I figured I should introduce myself to you ...

My name is Ashley Morrone & over the last few years, I've worked to change my life for the better.

I've always lived my life feeling like there was more; as if something was just beyond my reach. Ever since I was a young girl, I've struggled finding comfort with self confidence. Eventually reaching 230 pounds in college, I became incredibly depressed and developed a very unhealthy & disordered relationship with food and my body.

I was the girl who constantly faked it. I donned a mask every single day; a mask of happiness, fun, & self confidence...inside, I was thoroughly empty. After receiving a degree in Accounting, I moved to Brooklyn, attended Fashion school, and wanted so desperately to fit in. I thought, if I surrounded myself with these beautiful, thin girls that I would become them. I sunk even deeper, riddled with anxiety & depression. I became a pack a day smoker & reckless party girl. It was easier to fake my life behind a shot glass(or twenty).

In 2013, I lost my father to cancer. My incredibly strong, fighter of a dad was taken from me at the young age of 48. It rocked my world and sent me down ... far, far down. A few weeks later, God blessed me with new life - a baby girl was flourishing within me. I knew, at that moment, I had to make changes. I quit smoking, quit drinking, and focused on her. Hormonal cravings coupled with emotional binge eating led to an ultimate weight gain of 65 pounds during my pregnancy. The doctors warned me each week of all the risks I was facing - Gestational Diabetes, high birth weight, Emergency Cesarean...the list went on and on. On May 13, 2014, exactly 6 days late and 1 day before I was scheduled to be induced, I went in to labor. I gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl, Isabella.

In June 2016 I became pregnant with our second little princess, Delylah. I knew I wanted to have a healthy, happy, and all natural pregnancy from before I even saw that + sign.
However the universe had other plans. I still gained about 55 pounds even though I ate right and exercised daily .. something that really shook my mental state. On top of that, I had a medical condition - Placenta Previa, that required a CSection at 36 weeks. My little peanut wasn't quite ready to enter this world & spent her first 18 days in the NICU with a multitude of health issues.

I don't know if it was the intense fear I felt every second of every day, the silence I experienced while with her in the NICU, or something simply inexplicable ... But it was during this time that a major shift of my mindset that can best be described as a shift from darkness to light.

I have embarked on a personal wellness journey; one of body, mind, & soul. I want to inspire my daughters to be strong, to be confident, to live healthy & bountifully. I want to live my life long enough to see them grow, flourish & live a life of wonder. I want to inspire others to make the changes in their life now to promote a happy and healthy long life.

I have officially lost nearly 90 pounds since the summer after having my daughter, 25 MORE than what I gained during my pregnancy. I feel happier, I feel whole, I serve a purpose. Not only do I have the opportunity to be a stay at home mom, but I am a work from home mom. I am blessed to witness the health transformation of so many women all across the world, and have a helping hand in it. At just 28 years old, I am certain God has surely set me on my true path.

If you connect at all with me over a love for family, enjoying great food, cultivating a better community, implementing healthy habits, self improvement, being a #FitMom and raising #FitKids ... I'd love to connect and get to know you better!

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