Sunday, April 8, 2018

7 Day Water Challenge

Happy March!!
Time for a challenge, who’s in!?💧

This week I encourage you all to be more mindful of your water intake. Did you know that over 70% of Americans are chronically dehydrated?!
Symptoms of dehydration involve more than you may realize, including (but not limited to):
✖️muscle cramps
✖️anxiety/depression/unbalanced mood
✖️dry/weak hair, skin, nails
✖️weight gain
✖️increased susceptibility to illness

For ALL these reasons and more, I think you should
give this a shot! This challenge is a progression, so don’t worry if your no water drinking pro, yet 😉
We’ll be going for seven days together to work up to a gallon of water!

Today is day 1: Grab a glass or water bottle (ideally no less than 12 oz). I want you to make sure you drink the entirety of those 12 oz 4 times throughout the day (at a minimum). Feel free to drink more, this is just the start!

Join me in this FREE challenge on my page, Ashley Morrone: Living The Sweat Life! Be sure to follow along on FBIG; we'll be using the hashtag #amWELLWaterChallenge so I can check out your progress! Cheers to day 1!



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  1. Great media I love the informative style you adopted. Clear and easy to understand


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