Sunday, April 8, 2018

21 Day Sugar Detox Challenge

First of all, I cannot believe it's already April.
Second, Easter hit me like a sack of jelly beans straight to the gut. (I mean this quite literally #oopsies)
You all voted and very fittingly chose April's #amWELLChallenge to be a 21 Day Sugar Detox! I'm so excited for this. I've done no sugar months before, but mostly I am excited to do it with YOU!

This challenge will be hosted on my Wellness Page, Ashley Morrone: Living The Sweat Life
Every day I will be sharing a post here along the lines of healthy recipes, nutritional information, my fav articles/podcasts/documentaries regarding sugar #nerdalert 
Yes! This challenge is totally free!
We’ll be omitting all added sugars from our diet (this does not include the sugar in fruit, vegetables, or whole grains).
Table sugar, brown sugar, sugar in the raw, sucrose, sucralose, Splenda, etc ... no juices, no dried fruit (sugar content is much higher in dried fruit FYI), no alcohol. Watch your condiments, sauces, and anything packaged.
What you CAN eat is real, whole, natural foods! There’s no meal plan* just use your best judgement.
I encourage you to read food labels!! If nothing else, i hope this challenge helps you see how many packaged foods are made with sugar!
Each day, you can have 1 tbsp of raw local honey or pure maple syrup - but work towards eliminating that too! Wean it down to zero and discover just how sweet nature’s candy truly is! 🍉
Simply “check in” daily to the post on my page to stay in it! Do you think you can last the full 21 days!! That puts us into May; I think we can all do it! I’m so excited to feel the changes to come, are you?!
Head over to the page, commit to the challenge & don't forget to tag a friend to join you! 
Also, we'll be using the hashtag #amWELL21DSD to stay connected with one another on fb and IG!

* if you’re interested in working with me on a meal plan please contact me at for more info!


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