Saturday, November 4, 2017

Wellness for the Holidays


Did you know, the average woman gains 7 - 10 pounds this time of year? Come January, so many of us are totally burnt out and miserable … not a way to ring in the New Year now is it? 

Let’s take a pledge, together this Holiday season. Let’s take a pledge to stay in balance, a pledge to keep our health and wellness a top priority during a time notorious for expanding waistlines and a litany of illnesses.
#WellnessForTheHolidays will become our tribe. We will push one another not to give up, not to give in, but also to enjoy each moment of life. We will live, sweat, nourish, & love.

For those who don't already know my story; I was always the "bigger" girl, the girl who thought killing myself at the gym and eating next to nothing would get me the body of my dreams... Turns out NONE of that was true.
A support group to help me stay consistent in 30 minute workout from home with my newborn, meal prepping and consuming more food than I ever imagined possible on a "diet" & a serious quest for self love is precisely how I have found success on my personal weight loss journey. This is how I stay MOTIVATED! This is how I lost 90 pounds in 2014 in just ten months!!
A community of support which quickly develops into a Fit Family ❤️ I am so ready to do this again & kick some booty with you!

Did you know 82% of people who start a health & wellness program WILL NOT FINISH IT on their own? Crazy, right!?
What does that mean for you? In order to GET RESULTS, you need an accountability group - a place to plug into daily for support, motivation, tough love & tips. And, you support. You need to know you are NOT even the slightest bit alone. We are all in this together.

We kick off on Monday, November 6th. We will be together through all the ups and downs of the next few weeks - the in laws, the food temptations, the shopping, the stress & the colder weather. We will be together to help make one another better. This is NOT just about working out and eating smaller portions.
This group is about improving upon ourselves from the inside out. We will commit to starting off our day with gratitude, moving our bodies every day, stretching and recovering our bodies and minds, fueling our body with optimal, nutrient dense foods but allowing ourselves to LIVE and enjoy special treats with our loved ones.
We will work together to change our mindset from negative to positive - and experience the mind/body correlation. We WILL get results. That is a non-negotiable we have made with ourself.

Are you human? Great! You're a great candidate ;)
Seriously though, this is open to anyone!
  • If you're a fitness buff who wants to try something new, join us!
  • If you're a busy mama who can't find time to hit the gym or plan out meals for your family, join us!
  • If you're a college student looking for a quick workout in a small space, join us!
  • If you've never worked out a day in your life and live on fast food but WANT to make a change, JOIN US!
This challenge is for ANYONE who WANTS to make a change and is ready to COMMIT to make a change in their mind & body.

By committing to this group, you will receive entrance to a safe, positive place for us women to connect, inspire, share & love. We I will provide you with a meal plan options, a grocery shopping list of approved foods, workouts that start at just 22 minutes (yes, that's all I do!), but most importantly unconditional support.

I'll also be giving you some of my self-confidence and empowerment tips that I do for myself each day & learning how to implement them in your own life☀️✌️✨
This is more than just a fitness group. This is a life makeover and if you are ready, I am SO ready to do this with you.

You will need a Wellness Bundle to maximize results and get the most out of this group. This includes a 12 month subscription to stream over 600 workouts from any mobile device and/or smart tv, a meal plan & meal prep tools, a 30 day supply of nutrient rich superfoods, access to my one on one coaching and private FB group for support, growth, and accountability.
Yes, this is an investment. This is a means to change your life. To become what you've grown to think is impossible. To LOVE yourself & your life!

19 years old V 27 years old
You can contact me directly by emailing with the subject line “Wellness For The Holidays”. If you are ALL in (and aren’t currently already working with a coach) you can opt for the full Wellness Bundle here.
I can’t wait to lead us this season. I can only hope you are as excited as I am! Let’s change the course of this year and head into 2018 empowered!
~ Ashley


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