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t o p   1 0   d a i r y   f r e e   f a v s

There are copious amount of reasons for which a person may choose to eliminate dairy from their lives. For me, I first cut it out in 2008 after reading Skinny Bitch (find it here) and going vegan overnight. I remained a vegan until late 2013 when I got pregnant with Isabella and essentially developed a frat-boy mentality about food – which I highly recommend against doing …


When Isabella was 3 months old, she was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy. From 3-12 months, while she was exclusively breastfed, I was fully dairy free. 
Cutting dairy is 100 million times easier when it’s for your baby, that I can promise you. 
I stopped the moment she was diagnosed, riddled with guilt. I felt as though I had been poisoning her all this time. Obviously that’s not the case, but mother’s guilt is fierce and knows no bounds. 

** If your breastfed baby has a milk protein allergy – please know that you are not a bad mom AT ALL for their pain. You are not a bad mom if going dairy free is out of the question or not working out for you. But I do urge you to try, and maybe you’ll find that YOU TWO feel a lot better after ditching the dairy! **

I was told an infant milk protein allergy is very uncommon and occurred in under 5% of babies.
Fast forward 3 years and I can say, without a doubt, ALL babies  - scratch that -

some just don’t exhibit drastic visible effects, like:
weight gain
increased cravings
sinus issues
poor sleep quality
c a n c e r

oh wait....
don't worry, there's more on that, later …

My experiences in life, and particularly as a mama, lead me to a very low dairy diet.
We never have cow's milk or cheese in the house, but we all enjoy some pizza 
I mean hello we live in NY!
ice cream, and Mexican Food on occasion. Before getting pregnant again, I did a round of Whole30 (get it here!), which is totally nondairy. I always felt so good when not eating it! Of course, Baby D has a major issue with dairy, along with MANY other GI issues. So dairy free I am yet again!

Without getting too much more into the WHY behind Ditching the Dairy (blog post coming soon!)
I wanted to share my Top 10 Dairy Free Favs to help ease you into it, without feeling  deprived! 
I hope you enjoy the list and hope it helps you!
(links provided below!)

-8- Lara Bars
-9- Nutritional Yeast 

* I am in no way a medical professional and do not attempt to make medical claims. My opinions are my own and you should consult a medical professional when making any decisions about your own health

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