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Healthy Homemade Lara Bar Bites

h e a l t h y   h o m e m a d e   l a r a b a r   b i t e s 

When you're dealing with food allergies, it can be really tough. It's hard to find things that you can say you "indulged" a bit. When said food allergies are those of a 3 month old infant, it can be extra tough, coupled with being completely nerve wracking and heartbreaking. 

Baby D has some intense food intolerances/allergies. 
For those who may not be familiar (and hopefully you never are), infants with food allergies may experience general fussiness, gas pains, reflux, colic, failure to thrive, and in severe cases (like ours) visible blood in their stools. 
... like I said, heartbreaking

Often times, if the mama decides to continue breastfeeding, cutting out dairy will do the trick. The milk protein in dairy products has proved to be incompatible with both my girls causing all symptoms listed above. But with Baby D, the list goes on:
possible tree nuts
... & more

Knowing your baby is in pain, and that your liquid gold is the culprit, is truly gut wrenching. It's something I am working on coming to terms with. 
But first - major nutritional overhaul time. 

I am now on an "Elimination Diet" of sorts, as my fellow Milky Mama's may have heard before. This diet consists of some fruits, some veggies, and some meats, plus yams. It's honestly a lot like Whole30 (read about my experience with Whole30 here:
It's been 1 week and I do believe we are seeing some changes in her, for the better.
hmmm or maybe we are all just used to the cries of a colicky baby?

Either way, I am committed to getting this squared away and my baby happy! Thankfully weight gain has not been an issuem as she's over the 50th percentile for weight.
...which as an exclusively breastfed, NICU - preemie, makes this mama super proud!

My determination to exclusively breastfeed her has essentially led me on a lifelong quest for superior, holistic-based, health .... but more on that, later! 


Last week we made our weekly shopping trip to Whole Paychecks; oops, I mean Whole Foods. I wanted to try out some allergy approved meal bars to help keep my calories up through the day without having to put the baby down and cook something. 
Low and behold, I found a ton! 
In fact, I was so impressed I think I'm going to write 
another post on my fav meal replacement/snack bars if anyone would want that ...

Unfortunately, Baby D seemed to react to whatever was in them. 
Sad day for this mama.  

My family still loved the idea of snack bars though, so I decided to try my hand at making my own. I've heard they were easy and much more cost effective to do on your own, yet this was something I hadn't tried up until this week. 
 It's totally easier. 
It's totally more cost effective. 
And they're totally just as delish.

And the cool part is you have total control over what flavor you want!
These were really basic, just some chopped nuts. 
To spice them up, you can add things like nut butters, coconut, greens, organic extracts, coffee, chocolate chips (get my fav allergy free chips here), cherries, pineapple, apple, whatever you're craving!

Simple Homemade LaraBar Bites
2 cups dates (pits removed)
1 cup almonds
2 tsp organic vanilla extract
1 TBS water

Throw all ingredients in high power blender (I used my Vitamix). 
Pulse until it forms a large lump of "dough".
From here you can roll onto a pan lined with parchment paper and slice into bars & place in fridge for a few hours to set.
OR simply roll into balls like I did because that's way easier 
and less time consuming #MomLife

That's it! 
Like I said, super simple, way more cost effective (you get about 8-12 depending on how thick you want them), and easily customizable with ingredients you most likely already have on hand. 
Win win win.

xx Ashley


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