Thursday, July 7, 2016

WHOLE 30 // week two recap

The Ups, The Downs, The All Arounds 

 I swear. Week two of Whole 30 I was more emotionally unstable than I was my entire pregnancy.

                       "I FEEL AMAZING!" 
                                            "I FEEL LIKE DEATH" 
                       "I CAN DO THIS FOREVER!"
                                            "WHY DID I EVER SIGN UP FOR THIS"
                       "WOW I HAVE NO CRAVINGS!"
                                            "UGH I JUST NEED ONE 35 PULLED PORK TACOS TO MY FACE"

The roller coaster ride was real my friends.

The good thing about not giving in to every little temptation or to time I said "this is hard", is that feeling you get each and every time you simply stick to your guns. Commitment to Change.

bear with me for a moment ...
Imagine you just had the absolute worst date of your life. You walk in the door and let out a huge exhale for the giant waste of your life that just took place. You wonder if you'll ever be happy.
Right then at that very moment you get the call/text/email/snap/morse code/bat signal/however the heck singles communicate these days ... from your ex. 
It would be easy to say yes, to go back to that old habit & find a quick comfort. But hey - they're an ex for a reason, right? Why welcome something back into your life that you purposely walked away from?

I realized I have a lot of exes in terms of food. 
Foods that can make me feel so happy, 
so good, so satisfied for fleeting moments, 
then literally within minutes cause ultimate regret,
heartache, pain, & 
turmoil to follow for days on end.

Now think about how you feel when you get home from that crappy date and see your ex on your phone - but you say no, #NotTodaySatan. 

That feeling of power to be  y o u  and make your own choices, of self love, of worthiness - that's a key piece in the game of life. That feeling carries on to making better decisions the next day, to experiencing new things, to venturing out & enjoying your life a little bit more, and most importantly - the satisfaction of living without that regret.

Whole 30 week two can basically be summed up as that very moment. I had a lot of "exes" in the form of pizza, cookies, brownies, ice cream, cake & pulled pork try to enter my life. 
But right now, I'm just a little too dang busy doin' me; & living with No Regrets.

... quick meal snapshots
i'll be adding some of these recipes to the blog as well for you guys to try out!
I get asked a few times a day what recipe book I use - but I have to be honest
other than the Whole30 Bible (get it here) itself, they're all straight from my brain...
I need to get better at writing them down. 
but hey, I'm a work in progress.

breakfast: asparagus + mushroom omelet + fresh strawberries lunch cold thai salad + sunshine sauce (see previous blog post here for recipe) + paleo salmon cakes dinner: grilled chicken burger + fresh greens topped with + paleo pesto
breakfast: asparagus omelet + fresh avocado lunch: fresh garden + steamed potatoes + bell pepper stuffed with tuna + sunshine sauce + cold thai salad dinner: mesculine greens + vegetable chicken burger + homemade pesto
breakfast: baked salmon + roasted potatoes  + pesto snack: coffee lunch: cobb salad dinner: steak + avocado + homemade butternut squash soup


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