Wednesday, June 15, 2016

WHOLE30 // day two

Today really, honestly, was not too bad. I woke up with a lot of energy this morning, especially considering I was up till 2 AM writing my blog post for day 1 & fighting an ever frustrating battle against Optimum wifi.

Side note - honestly I think I am a very patient person, I can put up with a lot ... 
but when the wifi goes out I have about a 2 second window before I 
seriously lose my cool. I can't be the only one, can I?

I mentioned yesterday that my intention with this program is not weight-centric (though I'll welcome any trimming up!). The program insists that you do not weigh or measure throughout your 30 days. Sounds scary, right?! Yea - that's a whole other post for a different day ....
After reading Whole30 (get a copy right now and serioulsy change your life!) I was inspired to write down my goals, something I like to do (an encourage my clients to do) a few times a year. With weight loss not a factor, I struggled a little to figure out what exactly I wanted to accomplish over the next 30 days. Of course I want to see improvements in my health, more specifically my candida flare ups, stomach issues, & mood; but what can Whole30 help to improve upon in my everyday life?
And then it hit me ...
.meal. timing. 
what I mean by this is simply when I eat. I am a habitual breakfast skipper. Honestly - even with daily Shakeology, as simple as that is, I still wait about 4-5 hours after waking up to eat my first meal. It's bad. It slows my metabolism, it zaps my energy for the day, and it causes this incredible surge of hunger around 3-4 PM where I want to eat everything in sight (and often make some pretty unhealthy choices). Many different books I have read indicate the importance of eating within one hour of waking, and the detrimental health effects of missing this window. Not only does waiting longer than one hour negatively impact your health, but not being hungry within that first hour may be an indication of a hormonal imbalance. Well sugar honey iced tea, wouldn't that make a whole lot of sense?! 
Best part? 
Scientific studies have shown these imbalances can be 
reversed as simply as  e a t i n g   b r e a k f a s t. 

okay. goal = eat breakfast within one hour of waking up. got it. 
ehh, scratch that ... working on it. 


One of the greatest things about Whole30 is that you are allowed caffeine (aahhhhh! hear the angels singing? I sure do)
Since there are no artificial sweeteners, dairy, or sugar for 30 days - tons of w30'ers have a really tough time every morning. But guys I've gotta be honest. Ever since forever, I've been a black coffee drinker. No cream, no sugar, no nada. 
So black coffee in the AM while ridding my body of toxins, YES PLEASE. 
Although I will say, I want to work on cutting this out. Caffeine can cause your blood sugar to rise, but the main problem is that it weakens the adrenals and can impair your immune system. Working to eliminate candida in my body will require elimination of caffeine. But hey, one thing at a time!


Now everyone is asking me the same two questions: "What are you eating?" and "Are you totally starving?" 
I think, in this case, a picture says a thousand words. So to accurately and descriptively answer both of these questions, take a gander ...

breakfast: leftover frittata from day one + avocado + fresh blueberries
lunch: grilled chicken breast over fresh green + fresh herbs + avocado
dinner: homemade meat sauce + superfood salad

I mean, for real ... do you see all that food?! No I'm not starving and this ish is freaking delicious. Kind of amazing how flavorful nature can be when you take out all the crap that's added to it! 

ps - the recipes for frittata and sauce came straight out of the Whole30 book. The other two meals took about 90 seconds to prepare: just my standard, "throw whatever's likely to go bad first in a bowl and call it a salad" meal.


Since it's only day two I really didn't expect any changes at all. Like I said earlier, I actually woke up full of energy. At around 1 PM I noticed a dull headache; it could be some die off symptoms, but it could have also been slight dehydration, or what I now know may have been hormonal. 

At around 3, I found myself hitting that sugar craving. I think this is the time of day I normally snack on things with my daughter - pretzels, cookies, ice cream, etc. I never really thought about it, I just did it. So today when she was having her afternoon snack (half a black and white cookie), and I found it sitting there taunting me, I realized I totally do crave sugar, contrary to my savory beliefs. I'm pretty proud of myself for holding strong. I may have gone head to head in a staring contest with this bad boy, but I came out the victor; or maybe the cookie did since it's still in existence? 
either way ... no cookie for me!
anyone else read that in the soup nazi's voice? 
no? just me? 
moving on.

Also, I have to just add - this may be simply coincidence, but I will say I unexpectedly got visited by Aunt Flo today and I didn't hate everything about life! #winning! Honestly, other than that little headache - no other symptoms. No cramping or leg pain (my usual indication). I felt a little run down at around 5 PM, but chugged some water which always boost my energy (funny how simple that solution is, isn't it?) and got ready to head to teach my Bikini Body Bootcamp HiiT class. Taught it, crushed it, came home and devoured dinner. It's just about midnight now and I'm definitely ready for some toddler snuggles.

Pretty excited to see what the rest of the week brings to the table, but for now I'll say I'm definitely enjoying the program, not feeling hunger or deprived, and diggin' the self control whilst PMSing I exhibited today. On that note - sweet dreams friends! 

xx Ashley


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